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  • Until we speak to you, we cannot tell you whether or not you have a case.  We will be happy to speak to you regarding your legal issues and let you know whether we can assist you.

  • Since a legal relationship can be lengthy and extensive, you need someone you feel comfortable with on many levels, including skills, honesty, costs, and ability to effectively represent you.  Call our office today to discuss your legal matters, and see if our firm is right for you.

  • Our law firm offers contingency fees, flat fees, and hourly billing, depending on the type of case and the services required.  Once we learn more about your case, we can explain the potential fee arrangements.

  • Call our office regarding your legal issues. We can speak to you to determine what legal issues and options you have and what we can do for you.  In addition, after speaking with you about your legal issues, we will be able to quote a fee for the services we feel you need.

  • We will copy you on any relevant document we receive or send in your case.  You may receive correspondence from the attorneys via telephone, e-mail, facsimile, or mail.  In addition, the attorneys and our office staff are always available to assist and update you on your case.

  • No attorney can guarantee a result; however, we can explain the relevant statutory or case law to you and provide our legal opinion as to the probability of favorable results.

  • Depending on your legal issues, there may be deadlines for filing claims or lawsuits, answering legal documents, or otherwise.  Failing to follow those deadlines can negatively affect your potential claim or case.  You should contact our office as soon as possible so we can determine whether we can assist you with your case.

  • We are located in Northport, Alabama, and are open during normal business hours for the convenience of our clients. If our location or times do not work, our attorneys may be able to meet you after hours or at a convenient location including work or home.

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