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As a landlord, having tenants who fail to pay their rent or abide by the lease can be frustrating, and can result in financial loss. Although it is tempting to use whatever means necessary to remove the tenant from your property as soon as possible, the law requires a stricter procedure.

When it has been established that a tenant is not abiding by the lease in some way, the landlord must legally terminate the tenancy by giving the tenant written notice of the default.  The landlord must give the tenant a period of time to cure the default, if it is curable.  This time period varies based on the type of default.

Having a Landlord Attorney is a good way to safeguard against any missteps in the eviction process. The Courts require landlords to strictly comply with the laws governing eviction. If something is executed improperly, an eviction can be unsuccessful and, in some cases, the landlord may be subjected to a lawsuit by the tenant.

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