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We represent individuals, privately-held companies and family owned businesses in determining the most appropriate structure for their business entity. This structure has major tax and business implications regarding liability and various responsibilities to each party involved. Deciding on the appropriate formation of a business and the requirements that go along with that particular structure can be a crucial component of the success of the business. We look at all aspects within the structure of the business and work with clients to develop internal processes and compliance to follow reporting guidelines to maintain its status.

We represent businesses in collection cases involving customers who do not pay for your services. We draft contracts and agreements designed to protect you when a customer does not meet his, her or its obligation to your business.

There are various legal issues that businesses must deal with in the ordinary course of business.  We can meet those needs, offering services that range from drafting an employee handbook and procedures manual to protect against claims for sexual harassment and other claims, to policies designed to address other legal issues.

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